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Monday, June 4, 2007

400 to go

Yipee just 400 miles left to go. We met some guys today (3 of them,
actually) heading west. They reassured us that we have one more big climb
in front us then it is all down hill or flat from there on in. It is not
real until a cyclist tells you because, as we learned in the grand canyon,
never trust a local about hills.

These poor three guys we met had just climbed a daunting hill and looked
tuckered out. They mentioned they were having problems motivating
themselves. Heather and I can totally relate to that. Hey guys if you are
reading this, KEEP IT UP! The trip is well worth the bragging rights and
the looks you get on the other side from people.

For example, today we pulled into a gas station to get an ice cream cone
and a gatorade. One of the customers asked us nonchalantly where we were
from. The look on her face was priceless. It was one of those eyes
popping out of the head, step back, and let the jaw bounce along the floor
looks. Things like that really make us feel good. Later Heather told me
she did a double take when we pulled in. She was looking at the size of
my, er, um trailer and bags.

So, remember back near Zion National park when I was breaking a spoke a day
because of the weight on my rear tire? You may recall that Fred (hope I
did not mess up that name) at www.zioncycles.com rebuilt my wheel. Well
since then my wheel has stayed true (meaning straight) and no broken
spokes. Until today. Rest asured Fred's work is still holding up just
fine. Today our Beast of Burden was more like a Beast of Broken.

I broke three spokes on BoB today. Luckly the next town had a bike shop in
it. I called ahead to make sure they had the spokes I needed and he did.
The bike shope guy Dave was pretty cool. He made the spokes right there
for me and let me use his tools to replace the spokes and true the wheel.
The shop is called "the New Wheel" and is in Radford, VA on route 11 Lee
Highway and just slightly off route but worth it if you need to fix

Now here is something important you should all know about Heather's riding
skills and my confidence in her. you see, when we started I was worried at
every little thing we were doing. Going up steep hills and going down them
as well. Sprints on the flats were troublesome as well because I would
take off without her and she would not keep up.

Well folks, things sure have changed. Now she flys down the hills cutting
into the curbs. She passes me going uphill. I struggle to keep up on the
flats. She is really a very good rider now. Not just better than when we
started but a really good rider. So way to go Heather.

I heard tonight from my dad that my cousin Elissa who rode with us a few
days has started riding her bike at home. I think that's great that we
could bring this great sport into her life. Maybe we have helped create a
future bicycle tourist.

Remember yesterday when we met those guys at Applebees and they bought us
lunch? I wonder where they got their start in touring by bicycle. I guess
it really does not matter cause they are still really cool people. So
thanks again Paul Wood of Black Bear Adventures Tennesee


you rock man!

Well that's about it for now. We only have 400 miles left and we switched
maps today to a new map. We rode for 60 miles today and ended up at
Christiansburg, VA.

We hope you are all doing well, until next time we will just keep spinning
our wheels.

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natalie said...

Cute post! You're such a great storyteller!! :)