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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Things you learn on the road

Hotel rates are negotiable:
Every hotel except one has lowered their rates for us when we ask for a
discount. In one situation I walked accross the street and said "that
hotel over there offered me $30 for tonight, I would rather stay here. If
you can come close the their rate we will choose you. I don't care how but
it is up to you if you want our patronage" we got the room for $32 at a
much nicer hotel.

There is always another hill:
This is more a metaphor for life as well as a literal statement. No matter
how high you get or what your surroundings, there will always be another
hill just around the corner. While the big hills are daunting and obvious
obstacles, sometimes it is the small hills that hit you over and over again
that can really wear on you. Just remember there is no hill that you
cannot either conquer or go around. One more thing to keep in mind is
there are two perspectives on each hill, one from the top and one from the
bottom, each offering their own unique challenges.

BoB can be kept stable at high speeds:
A little trick I learnded to keep BoB from jumping around at high speeds
downhill. If I lean the bike to one side but maintain a straight path down
I am able to exceed the safe speed limit on BoB by 13 mph (been up to 38
mph so far) yet still maintain control and stability. It requires a little
balancing act but the process feels safe to me and has increased my
pleasure on downhill runs.


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natalie said...

I like your observations on hills. :)