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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Motivation till the end

As our trip nears an end I am finding it more and more difficult to get back on the bike again. The aches and pains are nothing new. The work is about the same and the distance is decreasing. I just don't want to pedal anymore.

For the last 2 days we have taken upwards of three hours to break camp and hit the road. Maybe it is because I am enjoying this so much I just want it to go on and on. Maybe the reason I stopped 5 times this afternoon is I just wanted to enjoy the scenery. I know those are not the reasons. I just am tired of biking.

Earlier in our trip heather was having a tough time and she was ready to quit. I guess now it is my turn. Of course I recognize that we are so close and there is no way I will give up right now. There is nothing that says I have to go fast though. So I will trudge on if for no other reason than we are only 475 miles from DC and I just have to do it. Heather is stepping up with her winning attitude and helping to motivate me as well.

As I said before, when I'm on my bike I want to rest, while I rest I want to be on my bike. How confusing is that?

I think one reason I am moving so slow and unwilling to ride is the weight. Heather and I reflected today that I have not been happy with the weight ever since I took on all of her stuff. I look forward to touring some day with a light load of just 60 pounds or so.

I find the scenery difficult to enjoy. With so much weight I have to devote my full attention to keeping the bike from toppling over. There is also the problem that every breathtaking view over two months of riding becomes less interesting. To be honest, the sight would have to be VERY spectacular to catch my eye at this point in the ride.

Remember when we were in Utah and I biked through the snowstorm (well I remember it, read back a month or so to see my experience)? Because we turned to head to Cedar City, Heather suggested we continue on the current road and catch the route on up ahead. I talked her out of it saying that the route was set that way for a reason. After getting to Cedar City and then going over a mountain we ended up on the road she suggested we take. On closer inection of the map we (meaning I) realized that we could have skipped the mountain and about 100 miles if we had just stayed on that road for 10 more miles. Needless to say, I have been watching the maps more closely now.

So today as we crossed the Lee Highway and were preparing to do our third climb of the day I noticed we would meet up with the Lee highway again in about 70 miles. After a quick check on our phones using google maps I realized the upcoming mountain would be 35 miles out of our way. Not sure what the guys at Adventure Cycling were thinking setting up routes that go out of the way to climb mountains. I learned my lesson in Utah, we took the Lee Highway. The ride was mostly easy rolling hills and there were tons of service stops on the way. Maybe the mountain would have been pretty but like I said before, it would have to be very impressive for me to notice and I doubt it qualifies.

Even though we only rode 45 miles today we are still 80 miles further on the trip thanks to the Lee Highway.

We spent the night cooking dinner here in Marion, VA and patching holes in my sleeping pad. I have fallen asleep twice while writing this so good night, or morning, or afternoon, depending on when you are reading this.


ps. Mom I think the apartment would be a more comfortable place for the bed. Heather and I will make do. You do whatever you feel better with.


Anonymous said...

Hey you are SO CLOSE. I can't imagine going up Mountains. Evan little ones. You can't give up now I want to brag my niece and her husband rode bike across the U. S. How many Aunts can say that? We are all rooting for you. My friend Leah is doing the trip across Iowa and says you could probably join her but they don't have mountains
Aunt Patti

M&D said...

Heather that story about the bears really had us going for a minute! I was ready to come to the rescue! So glad it was just a dream. You guys are doing such a super job. Can't wait to get the blog that says "WE MADE IT". You could have this done in a week? ten days? Best of luck accomplishing your goal. Love, M&D

J.J. Puorro (a lurker) said...

You can't quit now.

Keep going!