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Monday, June 4, 2007

Rain, rain, go away!

Marion, VA to Wytheville, VA
25 miles

When we left Marion, it was pouring rain and we were soaked within minutes. We were even considering staying at a motel 4 miles from where we left. But we decided to give it our best and trudge on. We arrived to Wytheville and stopped for lunch. While we were there, we met a large group of cyclists that were heading west. They were with Black Bear Adventures, which organizes bike tours with SAG support. Paul Wood, the guy who owns and runs the business, paid for our lunch as his donation. Check out their website at: www.blackbearadventures.com.

After lunch, when we put our wet clothes back on, and realized how cold we were, we decided to call it a day and get a motel room where we could dry our clothes and warm up. A warm bed and a hot bath never felt so good in my life.

I must say that this trip isn't getting any more exciting. We are more than 90% done with this trip, and yet the end still seems so far away. Especially with all the rain that hurricane Barry is dumping on us, it really makes the days boring, dull, and excruciating. I want to be able to just pedal all day and get this over with, but at the same time, I have no motivation.


Anonymous said...

You are doing great the end is near. I wish I had your energy. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Keep on pedaling, just look at it as when you finish one mile, that is one mile less to go. Finish 5 miles, that is five miles less to go and soon you will be finished. You are almost there.

Anonymous said...

Heather and Dana,
Today is the first day of discovery training. We talked about you and want to let you know that our spirits are with you, cheering you guys on! We cant wait to have you with us during training! Keep going!!
Love you always,

natalie said...

You can do it!!! You guys are AWESOME. I completely admire what you are doing, and can't wait to hear how great you feel once you arrive in D.C.

And hey - you'll totally get bragging rights. If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will. ;)

mom and dad said...

With all these wonderful comments coming in, it must make you two feel so proud of yourselves...and you deserve it. We are waiting with bated breath for that final blog that says "WE MADE IT". Love, mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.

Sarah said...

You two are an inspiration!
We, the family of Discovery are anxiously awaiting for your safe arrival.

Willpower will see you through the rough times.