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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Cassoday, KS to Chanute, KS
100 miles

What a great day! I had a great night of rest inside my parents' camper, then my mom made biscuits and gravy to start off our day. Mom's cooking is always the best, isn't it?

We rode together for a while, then Dana took off ahead of me. At one point, I stopped to take a break, and sat down facing west, to keep the sun out of my eyes. When I finished, I turned around, and there were 50 to 70 cows, all crowded up to the fence and staring at me. "Well, howdy there folks! Nice weather we got here, eh? Here's a tip... Always drink upstream from the herd!" None of them moved. I got onto my bike and continued on. They all followed me in a huge stampede. Good thing there was a fence between myself and the cows. Dana wasn't as lucky as he encountered two cows that weren't inside a fence.

We arrived in Chanute, KS (the first century on our ride for Dana) and luckily, the city park has free camping for the first 48 hours. They have electricity and water hookups, so it's really great! I'm looking forward to getting another great night of rest and heading out to my aunt's house in Miami, OK.

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