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Monday, May 28, 2007

It is a beautiful, wonderful, positive day

Let's see... my legs are sore, my neck has a crick in it, my feet hurt, my back hurts, and it's all GREAT!! Guess what people? That's right, we are on the road again!

It feels like forever since we were last pedaling along heading east. My body seems to have forgotten a few things, including the knots so that's partly a good thing. I tell you, every ache and pain and pull and strain feels marvelous! Of course, this may only last for a few days until I figure out where the grass is greener (I have my eye on "the other side" right now) but for now, I am lovying it. yWe are currently in Rough River Resort State Park in Kentucky. Dueling banjos, here I come. We were lucky enough to get the very last campsite left. Here is an interesting tidbit for you. Since we have left, we have seen less than ten tents (thats all together over 6 weeks of camping) set up. This being memorial day weekend, tips the scales a bit I think. This park is HUGE. I'm talking 200 tents within eyesight of where I sit and there is a lot of space not in my eyesight right now. That's a lot of tents.

Today we have Richard (my dad), Dewayne (uncle), and Elissa (cousin) SAGing for us. I figured something out today. When I'm on a bike, I have no common sense (and I know that deciding to bicycle across the country precludes me having to announce my lack of common sense but there is more, so read on) or at least I suffer from serious lapses. I remember telling Heather's parents to just drive on ahead 30 miles and I will catch up in no time. Well 15 miles later I was exhausted and out of water, heading up a steep hill. Just as I rounded a corner there they were waiting. I am sure glad they know better than to listen to me. I had a similar situation with my dad today where I told him one thing and he completly ignored me and was just where I needed him to be at just the right time. I guess those parental types learned a thing or two over the years.

I think the problem is I assume I am omnipotent and can sustain a hard pace forever no matter the terrain or distance. Um, I guess I was wrong to think that (I may still be omnicient but to be honest, I just don't know yet) but it seems as soon as my feet touch the pedals I believe I can go forever at super speeds. Maybe ysomeday I will, but for now I will just continue to start strong and fast and finish weak and slow, while hoping those out to help me know better than to listen to me when I tell them how and when to meet me.

Today since we had to drive back to our route from Champaign, IL (that's where my aunt lives) we only got a half day of riding in. I just did a measely 55 miles but boy did it feel good. Actually I think it is a real good thing we did fewer miles to let my body get used to riding again. In addition to Heather and I riding, my cousin Elissa is joining us on her bike that I fixed. She did 28 miles today and said she felt like she could do more. I believe her, but I want her butt and hands to have a chance to get used to riding too. She plays syoccer so her legs are accustomed to the abuse.

Tomorrow we will be sad to see my dad leave. He has to drive (really really far) back to Saint Louis, MOy to catch his fligh home. It will be a long day for him. We really appreciate all he has done for us while we were with him. He will continue SAGing for us in spirit because he bought all the food and a bunch of other stuff needed by my uncle to take care of us. Thanks Dad, we will miss you and have a safe trip home (again with the misty eyes, I tthink exercise makes me all mushy or something).

Well, I guess I've mushed, joked, and gone on long enough for one night. Hope you are all getting what you deserve, I know I am.



LaRonda said...

Your positive outlook on the journey ahead is refreshing. Looks like you both got some good R & R time and are ready for the next leg. Keep on keeping on! We're watching.

~ LaRonda

moxie_mocha said...

I second that. I've been reading your blog since you left Arizona. You're honest about your struggles and your frustrations. It's a relief compared to what we see out in the world. Hang in there!