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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some rest days

Well, after hurrying along with Heather's parents we have arrived in Murphysboro, Illinois ahead of schedule. We are now staying at my cousins place. We spent the day here relaxing and reading. We visited the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and went for a boat ride on the lake there. Actually, it was one of those paddleboats where the forward motion is propagated by pedaling. this felt suspiciously like pedaling a bicycle so we promptly stopped this action in the middle of the lake and left the wind push us around for a bit. we did recognize that we eventually had to return to shore so reluctantly we began to pedal again but only enough to get us back because otherwise we would not be "resting".

I have ordered some replacement parts for BoB (a skewer) that got all bent out of shape. They should be here this Thursday. Sorry, we do not have more interesting things to post about. Our rest days are more than just physical rest days. I am beginning to recognize they are mental rest days as well.

My dad will be here tomorrow. My cousin is taking an ASL class at the university so we will make a guest appearance there tomorrow then head up to my aunt's house in Champaign, IL. We will continue to post every day but until we get on the road again it may be a stretch finding anything interesting to post about. If I do run across some fun stuff i will make sure to jump right in the middle of it for your reading enjoyment (or maybe I will rest and watch from afar and just tell you about the stuff other crazy people are doing).

That's about it for tonight. I am going back to reading my book and relaxing. Talk to you all later.



Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your rest. I really enjoy your messages. My friends Ann and Roger aske about how you two are doing everytime I see them. They enjoyed your pictures. Good luck and keep biking. Aunt Patti

Dawn said...

Heather and Dana:

Finally figured out how to post from home! Glad to hear you have some more resting days. I was thrilled to spend a few days on the road with you guys and had a blast! I had pictured you guys cycling down the road, but I have to tell you, the reality is quite different from what I imagined. The physical toll the ride takes on you is evident at the end of the day, and yet, your winning attitudes and sense of humor have not diminished in the least! You are on top of your game - not just physically, but mentally as well, and I applaud you for that.
I too, think mom and dad are great for going along for a while with you, and providing some of the comforts of 'home'. Mainly warm food, cold drinks, and love, but it does feel great, doesn't it?
Bike safe! Watch out for goats!?!?! And have a great rest of the trip!
Love, Dawn

Natalie said...

No need to apologize for your posts - your rest days are interesting too! Just a part of documenting the whole journey... :)