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Friday, May 18, 2007

Rest and a massage

Miami, OK
Rest day

We spent the majority of the day resting and relaxing. In the morning, we both had a one-hour massage, paid for by my sister, and my grandpa. It really felt great and we both feel relaxed and refreshed. In the afternoon, my aunt hosted an open house, and we met several of her co-workers, including Ginger and Steve. They had lots of good questions for us, and Dana had a good time explaining all the intricacies of bicycle touring. We also made some hummus, just to give everyone a taste of what we eat a lot of these days. It seems nobody liked it. I bet if they biked 80 miles, they would've eaten it.

I think the thing that amuses my family the most is my tan lines. Since I wear bicycling gloves that are cut off at the fingers, my fingers are a dark tan color, while my palms and the back of my hands are white. It sure looks pretty funky. I also have tan lines from my helmet, jersey, and shorts. Also, since I got sunburned recently, my skin is peeling and shedding everywhere. I feel like a lizard.

I'm looking forward to getting on the road tomorrow and doing some more cycling... Whoa, did I just say I was looking forward to biking again? I must be going crazy!

One last note that I forgot to mention earlier... Remember when I lost my underwear? I found it. It had been hiding in my bivy sac all this time. It sure is good to have two pairs again.

Also, check out our pictures section. We added a bunch of photos for you with captions.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I am at Grandpa's with the ANTS. You want some? I came to the library because I can't seem to write to you from his place. The pictures are better here also. I think I will see if I can get him to come over on Mon. and show them to him. Glad you liked your massage. They are great. Keep on biking. Everyone is cheering for you. Patti

Anonymous said...

As everyone can agree Iam sure... we are all quite envious of how this "journey" is going to be such an incredible life-changing exp. for the both of you! We are are "there" riding along with you vicariously!
The photos are great cuz they add to our vivid imagination(s) of being on
that "ride" with you two!

Please can you give me the next couple of "mailing addresses" that I can forward the "care" package that I wanted to send you.... my apologies for missing last week!
Iam ready to "DRIVE" to the post office to get this off to you...

One of your "cheering" fans here in Valencia CA........
tari kelley
(email it to aslforhim@tmail.com)