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Monday, May 14, 2007


Larned, KS to Hutchinson, KS
83 miles

We headed out hoping to get to Buhler, KS, but as we biked down a road with barely any traffic, a couple of county workers pulled over and told us that the road ahead was closed due to flooding. We had to head back 5 miles (into a headwind) and take a detour. We ended up in Hutchinson tired, sore, and hungry. So, we hope to pass Buhler tomorrow and continue on our route.

We were a bit worried because there aren't any towns in between these places, and with this detour, we'd have to go another 50 miles with our dwindling water supply. But the county folks directed us to an artesian well. Next to the well, there was a sign that said "non potable water source". We inquired about the sign, and they said "oh, we've been drinking it for years, and it's the best water around. Some old lady drank it once and got sick, so we're required to post the sign". So it was either we drink "non potable" water that made one person sick or be thirsty for the next 50 miles. We filled up our bottles and had just enough to make it to Hutchinson before we ran out.

We're zonked for the night, so I'm going to sleep real soon.

PS mom and dad: we'll be heading east out of Hutchinson on 4th Street then north on Buhler Road, then we are back on our route with a turn east on 556, A.K.A. Dutch Avenue.

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mom and dad said...

We had a very warm night with rain this morning in Kansas City. Hope you guys didn't get hit with the rain. Hang on...the cavlary is almost there (Dad says). I say...hang on the scotcharoos are coming. Love, mom