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Monday, May 28, 2007

Men vs. Women

Falls of Rough, KY to Bardstown, KY
99 miles

I'm beginning to see why men seem to enjoy camping more than women do. Here's one example:

How a woman answers to the call of nature:
1. Find a bush.
2. Realize that the bush isn't big enough to hide behind. Find a bigger bush.
3. Realize this bush isn't big enough to hide behind either. Find an even bigger bush.
4. Give up on the bush and find a really deep ditch.
5. Squat, and precariously balance yourself so as not to fall or spill on yourself.
6. Do your business.
7. Wipe.
8. Make sure the toilet paper doesn't blow away in the wind while you pull up your pants.
9. Pack out the toilet paper and carry it with you inconspicuously until you find a garbage can.

How a man answers to the call of nature:
1. Find a ridiculously tiny bush.
2. Do your business.
3. Pull up your pants.

Somehow, I think nature seems to enjoy having men camp out more. Even at night when it's cold, Dana can scootch over to the bush while still in his sleeping bag and stay warm the whole time.

I rode in the morning until lunch, as usual. Elissa (Dana's cousin) joined us again, and I think she was born with the Arazi legs like Dana and Alex have. She is doing fairly well, although she complains about the pain in the rear end. I can totally sympathize.

Well, we have a beautiful sunset, so we're going to sit and watch it set.

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LaRonda said...

Oh funny! So true!

~ LaRonda