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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another rest day

Champaign, I'LL
Rest day

Well, we're having another rest day, but tomorrow we should be back on the road. This morning, we were interviewed by the local news and we were on TV, so that added a bit of excitement to our day. The video should be added to their website at www.wcia.com sometime soon, so many of you will be able to watch it. I don't know how long it will stay there, so watch it when you can.

Somone asked whether we had argued yet or not. While I do admit we disagree on things, we haven't gotten too upset about it. I did get upset with him back when I was sick with that cold, but I think that was mostly due to all the snot in my brain. And my rants were more like "I waaaahhhnnnnaaaaa go to beeeeeeeeeed!!!" So, my anger wasn't directed at him, it was just the misery in my body trying to get out. He did seem to be upset with me in Utah because I was going so slow, but the very next day, He complained I was too fast. So, all in all, I think we're doing pretty good for this trip. We do enjoy our time together and I think we've grown closer throughout this trip. I remember during the first week, so many things were going wrong, but we expected it, so we had a lot of patience.

As for food, the last two weeks, we have been well fed, so we don't have to eat so much rice and beans. Unfortunately, I think we'll have to go back to that once we get going again. I suppose I (and my rear end, and consequently, our noses) can bear it for another couple of weeks.