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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another beautiful day on the road

Yipee we are in Wickenburg, AZ (65 miles). About 70 miles outside of Tempe
and we will be at Eric's house tomorrow evening.

Some of you may have noticed that when Heather writes the days seem pretty
tough and when I write the days seem easier. Well let me assure you that
is not because of the person writing. It just happens to work out that she
gets to write on the really tough days. Well since today is my turn I get
to tell you about the easy day we had.

We started off with a 500 foot climb but it was early and we were fresh so
no problem. Heather left about 2 hours before us again and that seems to
work out well. Overall we had to climb about 1,200 feet today but it was a
slow gentle grade with a slight wind at our backs on a super super straight
road. We stoped at a farmers market for lunch and Heather and I finished
off a whole huge water-mellon by ourselves. The land was a high desert and
pretty. Not too hot and not too cold. Really just a perfect day for
riding :-)

Hey remember my eggs from yesterday, Well I was pretty bumbed out. I went
from highly motivated in high gear ready to tackle the road mode, to this
bites I'm tired and want to go back to bed dragging me feet mode. I guess
Ryan noticed how bummed I was so last night he bought some eggs to cook up
for breakfast.... Well folks turns out my coleman stove with the squeeze,
detachable handles are lousy! Ryan dumped the eggs this morning:-( I at
least felt better that I was not the only one to do it. So we had the
three eggs that were left in the carton. Basically out of 24 eggs we have
been able to eat 6. Kinda funny I think.

Last nights camp ground was super nice with bathrooms that melled of summer
flowers and tastefully decorated. Tonight we are in the parking lot grassy
area. Kind of a big step down. On an upside there are pleny of plugs so
all of our stuff is charging now.

Tomorrow at Tempe we are hitting up REI for some gear. Number one is new
pots. Heather is getting some lower gears and I am too. Also I will get
clipless pedals so I can be like Heather. New extra padded shorts for me
so maybe my bum will stop hurting so much.

Well I am zonked and heading to bed now. Goodnight and talk to you later.



Dawn said...

Hi guys! Sounds like you're having an adventurous trip! I'm hanging out here with mom, dad, and grandpa one last time before I make the big move to KC.
I'm enjoying reading about your adventures, but I'm not sure I would survive on your trip...the food alone would probably do me in. I'm a pretty picky eater, and avocados for breakfast do not sound like my thing! I told mom I would have scraped the eggs up, heated them up, and ate them before I ate avocados! I do, however, know a wonderful guy that could probably help you out with the Coleman problem! John has a collection of about 30 stoves that you could pick from!
Hope the weather holds out for you - it is beautiful here in Brandon these days, and would be perfect weather to bike in.
All I know for now! I'll check in when I get down to KC. Take care and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys: Keep on peddling. Sounds like you have a really good friend going with you. Will he be coming to Ok? Janice has offered a spot for him. Plan to have an open house for you guys there. Can't wait to see you. Love to read your stories. Take care and bike safely. Mom and dad

Natalie said...

D'oh! You sure do have bad egg karma! ;) Tell us how you keep your food cold... I wonder when you say you cook corned beef at night, and eat it the next day for lunch? How do you not both have food poisoning? Just curious! Be safe, you two!!