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Monday, April 23, 2007

Wanna go for a ride

For all of you reading this, friends or family, you are invited. If anyone
wants to join us on any part of our ride we would love to have you. You
can bike for a day or a week it is up to you. If you just want to camp out
and don't want to bike, hey that's cool too, just drive along from campsite
to campsite and we can just hang out there. This trip is not about
arriving in DC this is about the journey and sharing with the people we
meet. So you all are invited to join us on the journey.

Hope to see you on the road.



Anonymous said...

You two amaze me, and I am sure so many others!!!
I am beginning to feel like Iam reading a GREAT journal and CANT put it down!!! So often you are in my thoughts (and my heart)!!
This evening I tried locating the address to send ahead $$ or mail, or little treats to bless you along the way... HELP!!
Cant seem to locate the proper way of sending you two care package (s) etc... please contact me directly if possible so that I can have this information.......
Sending you warm hugs to carry you through the brrrrrrrrr... colllllld ride right now............

Tari Kelley aslforhim@tmail.com

ASL Risen said...


I just want you to inform me in every one year advance from every each November before we, the Deaf Federal Workers have to make our own "vacation choices" from our work places.

I like to know when is the next Deaf bike trips to Martha Vineyard and also ride on ferry, too. It's not my fault because I happen to watch Dr. Laurene Simms on Bob's Vlog (go copy and paste): http://pr.gallaudet.edu/video/?vid=26

Please do let us know and give us the lists of when is the next Deaf Bike journeys.

I need your adivse pls. What kind of bike is the best for me to buy???

Thanks, Shawn

Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun on the rest of your trip. I can relate to the dog

natalie said...

I'm with Tari - where is the info for your drop spots?