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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The dryer ate my underwear!

Tusayan, AZ to Cameron, AZ
61 miles

I'm feeling a bit better today. My cold has moved through the "hacking up a lung" stage and I'm now on my way to recovery. Dana has taken all of my weight, and my bike now has nothing but a handlebar bag. And guess what... Dana is still faster than me! That really makes me feel like a wuss, but at least our paces are a bit more similar.

We saw the Grand Canyon! It was Dana's first time seeing it, but I had seen it when I was younger. It looks the same as the first time I saw it. The Grand Canyon is a beautiful sight, but if I've seen it once, I really don't care to make the extra effort to see it again. Since I'm Deaf, I have a disabled access card, which lets us into any National park for free. Camping fees and other fees are discounted as well, so we'll make good use of it.

In the past three weeks, I've managed to lose a few items, including:
-2 pannier covers
-my water bottle
-my booties (shoe covers)
-Our map (fortunately we have an extra copy)
-my underwear

How one manages to lose their underwear, I'm really not sure. I put it in with the clothes to be washed yesterday, and I haven't seen it since, so I'm just going to assume the dryer ate it. I'm now down to one last pair, so I'll have to guard it with my life. I used to be able to wash one pair and let it dry while I wore the other. Now I guess I'll be washing this pair every night. I hope it dries fast. It's made by Ex Officio, with special material that dries fast. It's great for camping, but not quite the most comfortable for biking. Actually, they recommend NO underwear for biking, but I don't think I'll go that route.

A big thank you to those who comment on our blog. We get the chance to read the comments every other day or so, when we have reception. It really motivates us during our lowest moments.


jenny said...

You guys ROCK! My sister and her friend both biked across the US about 12 years ago and they are both Deaf too. They were with a group called BikeAid. I remember thinking it was so cool when they did it and I was too young to go at the time. Now I see you guys doing it and I still think it is so cool. Keep going and just think of all the tales you'll have to tell your children and grandchildren someday!!

LaRonda said...

Glad you're feeling better! Keep it going. Your journey is worthwhile. You will see and learn so much. Thanks for sharing.

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

Hey keep on going. Arranging for "massages"...received a large brown envelope for you...probably bills!!!!!Can't wait for you to get here. Aunt Janice

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about your travels and wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you. I'll get something off to you in the mail. Wish you were traveling closer to Omaha, so I'll join you by internet, instead! Take care and keep eating, Heather! Love, Marsha G.

mom and dad said...

My recollection of when Heather went thru the Grand Canyon last time was that she SLEPT thru most of it! Hope the weather is holding up for you guys. Keep up the good traveling miles. Love m&d

Heather's mom said...

For everyone that is reading these...I just got a voice mail from Dana and they are at Jacob's Lake as of this morning 5/2/. I was kind of worried about not hearing from them for awhile. Guess reception is not that good.
Heather's mom