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Saturday, April 21, 2007

We could use some help.

If some of you are reading this thinking that maybe you could make our trip a little better I have thought of some ideas how.

It would be nice to have a water proof sign or two (not laminated, those leak) saying

1: In vertical large block letters about 11 inches long and 4 inches wide, maybe bright yellow with black letters, a sign that says-

2: Anouther sign of similar design reading

3: A third sign on about 8 1/2x 11 size also water proof, saying something like,
"bicycling for a cause ask me how you can help. www.Bike4D.org"

4: A massage when we get to either Janice's house or Julies house.

5: We have a press release on our site here. It would be great if some news media people got ahold of it and wrote about us. Please call any papers, radios shows, or TV news you can think of and provide them with our info and press release.

If you want to send us signs then please send them to our second mail drop, general delivery listed earier in the blog here. I trust you can work out among yourselfs, through the comments section, who will do what.

As for the messages, the address and citys are listed in our mail drop
section so you can look up where we will be, using that means to find a location in close proximety.

Thanks to all of you


natalie said...

If you don't mean laminated signs, then what do you mean by waterproof? And where can people get them?

Terri Hirning said...

I sent your press release on to ABC15 in Arizona. Haven't rec'd anything back but hopefully they will do something on your trek.

tari kelley said...

You go Terri! Great idea!
Lets all rally and support Heather and Dana and make sure we've got the newspapers and magazines out there following them and this wonderful trip and cause!!

tari k.