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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Biking through the desert

Brawley, CA to Glamis, CA
31 miles

Remember a couple of days back, when I said that my shoulders felt like someone put electrodes in them and every time I move, I get short bursts of electricity? Well, I don't feel that anymore. Instead, it feels like someone implanted mini cherry bombs in my shoulders, so that every time I move, I feel mini explosions through my muscles. I really don't think it could get worse than this.

Today was a particularly tough ride. We biked through some dry desert, with few towns in between. We arrived to Glamis, CA, which is big on riding 4-wheelers and other recreational vehicles over the sand dunes. I guess that's what the folks around here do for fun. We were trying to figure out a place to camp in the shade and out of the wind, when a nice gentleman named Roy offered the spot next to his RV. Another man offered to let us sleep in his trailer (that is used to haul their 4-wheeler around). The boys declined, but I happily accepted ( I know, I'm a wimp). Turns out it smells a lot like grease and gas. Oh well. Another nice woman offered us water, which we were grateful to have. A gallon of water here is $3.80, and you have to pay $1.00 to us the toilet.

It's really great having Ryan (who's biking from CA to FL)along with us. He keeps us entertained with his four-wheeling stories. He seems to know a lot about bikes, while Dana seems to know a lot about camping, so they swap stories and tips. It's also nice to have someone to share dinner with. Ryan works in Ocean Beach as a pedicab driver. You know, where they bike people around town using a cart towed by the bicycle. No wonder he knows a lot about bikes.

We discovered a new favorite snack, so I'll share the recipe with y'all.

Snickers Gel
-Buy a Snickers bar
-Put it in your bag (if you have a black bag or a top pocket, that's better)
-Ride for an hour in the desert

And there you have it. A gooey, chocolatey snack you can squeeze right out of the package. For an extra-gritty version, ride until you reach an extra windy area with lots of sand. Be prepared for the hysterical fits of laughter you'll get from your riding partner at all the chocolate on your face. Enjoy!

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Natalie said...

Your Snickers Gel recipe made me...snicker!! He he! I'll have to try that sometime. (I think perhaps minus the grit...) :p