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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A half-day

Southern Carlsbad State Beach to San Diego
25 miles

One question keeps popping up in my head over and over the past few days: WHAT THE HECK WERE WE THINKING??? Yesterday, my butt hurt so bad I wore both of my biking shorts, one on top of the other (both have padding sewn in) My shoulders feel like someone put razor blades into them and with every move, I can feel them cutting into my muscles and nerves. My right big toe is swollen and feels like it was crushed by the big Yoda statue from the movie Spaceballs.

Someone had told us that it would be exciting for the first two weeks, then boring for the rest of the trip. I don't think the exciting part has started yet. We are enjoying meeting people and spending all day with each other, but I can't wait for our bodies to heal and we can enjoy ourselves more.

We felt a bit dejected when we were climbing an especially long hill, and two people out for a jog passed us! Yeah, let's see them drag 80 pounds with them and then we'll see who's faster! That's right, my bike weighs 80 pounds, while Dana's weighs 120 pounds. We were excited though when we met another man who was currently biking from northern California to Mexico. He biked across the US in 2001, and really enjoyed it, so that gave us some inspiration.

We biked into San Diego and met up with Andrew Hirning, Dana's best friend, and his family. It was nice to have a half-day of cycling, as well as to get a nice hot shower and eat at a restaurant.


Anonymous said...

I am a big biker, as well as a biking fan. I will be looking forward to hearing about your long journey. keep up the good work and remember to drink plenty of water.:) Don't forget the hour rule, especially in the desert.:)

farfromthebeach said...

We'll look for you when you near eastern kansas. Good luck!