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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Back in wickenburg

Well our trip into Phoenix was a 180 mile detour but well worth it. We had
a blast there and would not trade it for the world. We are back in
Wickenburg at the Horsepitality RV park and this time they are more

One thing I forgot to mention earlier about our sleeping last night. I
heard two animals one off in the distance sounded like it was being
attacked. That one did not bother me too much but the one real close
sounded like it was growling or something. I was pretty worried. After
trying to figure out what it was for a while I decided to go inspect. I
crawled out of my cocoon of bedding with my trusty hunting knife in hand.
I stood real still listening and was finally able to identify that other
terrifying animal that was just waiting to pounce on us once I fell asleep.
It was right next to me. In fact, it was asleep. I even had a name for
it. It was Heather snoring away blissfully ignorant to my torment. I felt
kinda silly shivering in the night air, knife in hand ready to defend us
from her snoring.

After lunch the rest of the ride was pretty much uneventful. I did almost
get eaten by a pitbull today. I saw him a way off barking at me behind a
fence. That was no big deal because most dogs bark at us and chase us
behind their fence. This one, however, as I watched it running parallel to
my course was different. His fence ended but he kept going. Right out of
the yard and on a beeline path for me. Once I saw this happening, I poured
on the speed and was able to outrun him at 22 mph. After he gave up I
stopped, parked my bike, and walked back to a spot just out of range of the
dog. I had a weapon in hand just in case. I waited there for Heather to
crest the hill. When she did I waved wildly for her to cross the highway.
Luckily the dog did not chase her down and no further action was needed.

We did laundry here at the campground tonight so we will be fresh and ready
for the morning ride. We hope to do 60 miles tomorrow straight uphill it
seems. That should put us well on our way to the Grand Canyon.

We want to thank you all who are reading our blog and thank those of you
who leave us comments, we do get to read them and they are an inspiration
to us on our journey.

Some of you may remember that before we left, Heather went on a special
diet to gain some weight. Well she was able to gain 10 pounds before we
left. While we were at Eric's house she weighed herself again and she has
lost those 10 pounds plus 6 more!

I have started buying super protein and carb weight-gainer bars for her to
eat on her breaks. They taste awful but we both agree she needs the
calories. Each bar has about 350 calories in it and she eats about 3 per
day plus breakfast lunch and dinner. I also make sure she always eats
seconds at every meal. She is actually eating more calories per day than I
am. We hope she starts gaining some weight, but her energy and attitude
are just great so we are not worried.

While we were at the School for Deaf in Tempe one of the students asked us
what we do when we fight. We were hard pressed to answer that cause we
have not fought yet. I guess we are just too tired after our ride to fight
or we just don't annoy each other yet. When we do have a fight we will try
to include you, our faithful readers in on the action.

That's all for now. Check in, in the next few days for some additional
pictures being posted by my bro Alex. If you ever read a post and then
later read it again and it seems to change, ie mispellings corrected,
formatting easier to read, well we have Alex to thank for that so give him
a round of applause for his diligent work at making this look great.


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Terri Hirning said...

All I can say is never a dull moment, huh? You keep us all laughing......