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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More lunch time stories

Met a guy named Steve today up in missin gorge buy the mission trails park dam in san diego. Gave us some good advice that we took on the up coming roads thanks Steve. Now here is the funny part, keep inmind we are on a park trail in the middle of no where and steve is just som random person who stopped to say hi, WE KNEW HIM! Met him last time we were in san diego at the REI meeting for adventure cycling. He remembered us (minus the 7 foot brother) that was cool

While resting / stocking up on trail mix at costco this very attractive woman walks up to us and introduces herself as Amelia (amy) she is a triathlete and from the looks of her she is a darn good one too. She is from italy and her father was a professional cyclist in Italy . Now that is awsome. But wait it gets better she has also climbed mount Kilimanjaro (may be spelled wrong). What an inspiration, the best part was, she was totally cool and down to earth chatting with heather and I.

Last funny thing as I am sitting here typing this heathers bike, which is just sitting totally dormant decides to blow a tub. No worning no one touched it. Itust went flat. So I better go and help her change it later


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