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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good morning readers

Well I am laying here at the side of the road on highway 74 north west of
Phoenix. We did not make it to a camp ground last night and had to pull
off into the desert. We had just enough time to make camp cook dinner and
crawl into our sleeping bags before we lost the light.

Every night before we go to sleep we clean up and cover everything with
their water proof covers, just in case. Last night I woke up to a light
pitter patter on the bivy. I pulled our shoes inside our bivys and about 5
minutes later it poured on us. Funny we get rained on hard in the middle
of the desert. We had chosen some high ground for our camp spot so I had
no worries about it flooding.

I woke up at 6 am, really bummed, not sure why, maybe it is the cold I am
fighting right now. Plus mornings have never been my thing anyway. For
breakfast we had the rest of the cold hummus, chicken, and bread. Actually
it was retty filling and tasty. As usual Heather left early. We were
pretty low on water but the Wild Horses bar was just up the road.

After breaking camp I made it to the bar about 30 minutes after heather
left. The bar tendeder looked up the weather for me and said it should be
clearing up today and stay that way for a while. As I sit here now I can
say that is pretty accurate.

I caught up with Heather YIPEE!! (that is always a favorite time for me),
then she headed off again. It works better for me if she is way ahaead of
me so I can catch up with her later instead of waiting for her. So I
thought I would take this time to write a post or two.

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Terri Hirning said...

Oh NO! I bet the cold was from us. I feel so bad! Matthew brings about every bug known to man home from Preschool. We are all building our immune systems thanks to that but you guys don't need illness. Sorry.....