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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just wondering if I can post a picture

Well it is the morning of April 25, Heather is still not feeling well so
we slept in. We will be heading to a hostel up in the mountains (Red Lake,
AZ) and let her recoup there.

For now I am just wondering if this picture of Heather will post through
email... If so then expect more to come.


1 comment:

tari kelley said...

Awwwwww. Heath, so sorry you are "under the weather", actually with all that bikin thru that hail you were really "over the weather"!!
Again, you rock girl!!
And yes, you DID marry the RIGHT and BEST GUY!! Then again, so did I.... smile.........

I tried to find the link to send you guys some care package(s) but geez, I cant find the link!! If you are able, send me an addy to my Sidekick........aslforhim@tmail.com

Get your rest and strength back....
the "long and winding road"... can wait a day or two....

Hugs you two!~

tari kelley