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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Our Visit with the Sequoia Charter School for the Deaf

Gilbert, AZ to Peoria, AZ
56 miles

We started off our day with a sad goodbye to the Hirning family. They really took care of everything for us, including laundry, delicious food, a soft bed, and some good trail mix for us to snack on.

We stopped by the Sequoia Charter School for the Deaf and gave a presentation and answered questions from the students. I must say that we were very impressed with the school. The kids were a great audience, were very helpful to us, and wished us luck as we continued our journey. We really enjoyed answering the kids' questions, and had a few laughs as we talked about our experience. We had a couple of volunteers come up to see if they could lift our bikes. One brave girl proudly lifted my bike (okay, I guess it isn't that heavy!), but poor Efrain struggled to lift Dana's bike. We were also surprised to see Ena, who worked with us as a Discovery staff a few years back. The Sequoia school follows the bi-bi philosophy, and all of the teachers use sign language at all times. The students' smiles and chatter stayed in our minds and kept us in high spirits for many miles!

We also stopped at the Post Office. We realized that we had a lot of stuff that we haven't used and won't need. Here's a list of some of the stuff we sent back:
-Dana's 2 pairs of shoes
-Sleeping bag liners
-Heather's 2 front panniers
-Extra clothes
-Extra parts we had replaced at REI

It weighed 20 pounds, so our load is much lighter. We're stealth camping for tonight, and the weather is beautiful, so I look forward to getting a good night's sleep!


mom and dad said...

Hey guys! It was wonderful talking with you. Am glad to hear that things are going well. Just wanted to post on your blog that we will take care of the signs and let everyone know not to duplicate.
Bike safely. Love, M&D

Terri Hirning said...

I know, it was sad for us too! We all miss you guys. I am so glad to hear the presentation went well, I am sure you inspired so many.