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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A beautiful rest day in Tempe

So we took a full day off here at Eric and Terri Hirnings. They were nice
enough to accomodate us for two nights. So we could really feel rested.
They have been fabulous to us, from doing our laundry to feeding us. All
the while taking care of their three beautiful children Emma, Mathew, and
Tori. What a great place to rest up with great people. Thanks for taking
care of us.

Talking about great let me just tell you, Tempe/Gilbert Arizona is on my
top ten list for best citys to bike in. On our way into town last night
you heard we stopped at REI. What you did not hear is what awsome service
the REI at Southern and Priest in Tempe, AZ gave us. I walked in and
showed Aron (I think that's his name) my bike and said "I broke it can you
fix it please". Then I crawled my way to the energy bars to get some kind
of food in me. When I came back to my bike, parts were taken off and stuff
was being fixed. They really hooked us up there with discount prices and
most importantly great service. I highly recomend them.

Today we went into the local school for the deaf and arranged to give our
PowerPoint presentation tomorrow morning. We will be there at 8 am to give
our speach. It was only 8.5 miles there so we left the bags behind and
biked there. Wow we are fast now.

After a lovley and very friendly tour of the school by the Principal we
headed back to Erics. We stopped off at a bike store called Adventure
Bicycle company. Paul helped me out by replacing my cassette and chain
right there on the spot and gave me a free lesson in how to do it. Paul
will be moving to MO close to our route in a month or so. He told me to
look him up when we get there. If he is close enough you bet we will.

After the bike shop we meandered about this lovely city for a while longer.
Most of the streets here have bike lanes. And I really mean MOST. Twice
now we have been stuck on a street without a bike lane. When we were, both
times, we had a car pull in behind us put on their blinkers and follow us
slowly to block traffic. That is awsome.

Funny thing is. On our rest day we ended up biking 30 miles just
wandering. I remember when 30 miles was a real ride not a rstful thing.

Well I am falling asleep as I type so good bye for now.



natalie said...

So glad you guys got to take a load off and just enjoy your day. Gotta do that every now and then. ;)

Mary said...

Am glad you had somewhere safe to spend some time and recoup. Looking forward to the next leg of your journey. Keep posting those notes. We enjoy reading them. Love, mom and dad

Terri Hirning said...

It was so great to meet you both. We are thrilled you could stay the extra day. Visiting with you both was wonderful. Matthew asked for Heather all the way to school on Friday! The website I was telling you about with the info on negative effects of soy is http://www.taoistlife.com/soy.html. That is the direct link to the soy page. Scroll to the bottom for the research to support. We will send the pictures soon. We will be following your progress and wish you all the best!