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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stealth camping

Short post. who put a mountain here?? I did not realize until andrew
pointed it out yesterday that we had a 4000 foot mountain to climb today.
We could not make it over. We are at 3000 feet now and about 10 miles from
the nearest place to camp. We tried Viejas indian reservation. Found a rv
park and some big lady with a mean personality shoed us off. She said if
we biked on the reservation she has already called the police on us and
they will arrest us. so much for nice people arround here. So we left
there and are now "stealth camping"

I would tell you where but then it would not be very stealthif you knew
where we are. But we are for ssure not on the reservation. Any way cold
dinner tonight of couscous and canned tuna... No fires to stay stealth.

Bad ending to a great day of riding. I look forward to tomorrow. Heather
is already asleep ane I think I will try for that soon.
Later for now. -Dana


natalie said...

Oh, what an icky day. Keep your chin up and spirits high, and tomorrow will be better!! You guys are doing a great thing. Don't forget it.

BTW - did you mean for your email address to be posted on the web? (It is with this latest post, but not the others...) Just FYI, in case it wasn't intentional.

Love to you both!!

tari kelley said...

Wish I coulda been travelin by with a warm comfy RV to rescue your tired bods from todays events and cold dinner.....
Iam sure those zzzzzzzzzzzzzz of Heather's are from total fatigue of all that pedaling!
Thanks for the update!
We're all rooting for the next leg to be more promising and friendlier folks along the way!!
Cyber hugs!!
Tari Kelley

Anonymous said...

No pictures??! What y'all and your bikes look like?

Doris said...

Hi Dana!

I wanted to let you know I received the checks this morning. Thank you and everyone doing this ride for Gallaudet.

I will check the site for updates.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Keep on biking!!!!