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Friday, April 13, 2007

Over the first mountains yipee

Somewhere between Alpine and Pine Valley,CA to somewhere near Calexico, CA
60 miles

Remember a couple of days ago, my shoulders felt like someone put razor blades into them? Well, I don't feel that anymore. Instead, it feels like someone put electrodes in, so every time I move my shoulders, a burst of electricity shocks my muscles.

We had a bit of rain this morning, but fortunately, it stopped before we got up. Our panniers (bicycle bags) are
waterproof, so everything was well protected. It still made for a wet, cold, and uncomfortable morning. We went over the top of a mountain, or rather, a series of mountains, so the day was slow at first, but the last 10 mile or so we soared down the mountain at 25-30 mph.

What really kept our spirits up is meeting so many friendly people. We stopped at the Descanso Junction restaurant, (www.descansojunction.com) and met Tammy, who owns the restaurant with her husband. She shared with us the good news of sunny weather ahead of us, and let us charge up our electronics (which I'm starting to think we have too many of). She really made ourday..Thanks Tammy.

Dana was also excited about meeting Ryan, from Ocean Beach, who is biking to Florida. He joined us for the day, and will camp with us tonight.

Of course, we've also had our share of not-so-friendly people, such as this guy who told us to get off his property when we were having a short break (we were on the shoulder of the road). We promptly moved 10 feet down the road and finished our break, with a call of nature (I really had to go!).

Overall it was a fantastic day. Great miles and beautiful scenery . We really look forward to the morning.

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todos la vie said...

hey girls,
do you have any pictures? I just came across your blog and want to let the world know that the Discovery Programs at Gallaudet is awesome. I was involved with Winter Discovery in 1994 at Breckenridge, Colorado. Made many memories and learning experiences there. Way to go! I'm in Surprise, Arizona as I type this but I'll be driving back to LA on Saturday. Any chance I'll pass you two? If so, maybe I can give you a care package. Let me know!