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Saturday, April 7, 2007

We are off...almost

Well we had planned on leaving last Tuesday, but that did not happen. So we moved it forward to Friday, but that did not happen. So we postponed it to Saturday, but that did not happen. finally we are all set and ready to go. looks like Sunday is the big day. Turns out that packing up all your stuff and putting it in storage is actually a big endeavour. I guess we just did not focus on that because we were so hyped about leaving on our bikes.

We are leaving at 7 am from Van Nuys CA and will head south to San Diego.

We look forward to all of your comments we know we will receive on the trip. Wish us luck and a safe journey. We write every day and post whenever our cell phones get Internet service.

Dana and Heather


Anonymous said...

I love to ride my bike! I wish I knew of this because it would have been great to join you. Good luck on raising funds for your ride!

Carrie Gellibrand

Anonymous said...

need help to push you off into the usahood?

Natalie said...

Yay! Adventure! Good luck!!!