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Friday, April 13, 2007

Another great day in the desert

Last night was fun, Ryan and I went into town for a beer. The folks in
there were crowded around us, asking, where we were going and what we were
doing it for. This one dude (whose name I never did figure out) was trying
to talk to me. About the only thing I could understand through his
drunken, slurred, Pensilvania accent was "let me slow down for you"
unfortunatley the only thing he slowed down to say was that one sentence.
Later I asked ryan and he had no idea either. When we left the guy seemed
to have enjoyed talking at me.

As you know from yesterday we are in the desert now. We camped out in BLM
owned land. Meaning free country, owned by uncle sam, do what you like,
kinda land. We were actually right behind some guys house. We (meaning
Ryan) asked permission first. Turns out he owns a rooster.

So in the "morning" when Mr. Rooster started his "cock-a-doodle-do" I was
happy for the alam clock. I wriggled out of my sleeping bag and started to
wake up. Still seemed kinda dark so I checked the time... Oh my... IT WAS
2 AM. Mr Rooster needs to keep better time. He must have known he was off
cause he and his friend Mr. OffKey Rooster kept at it untill 9 am. They
must have thought "better to cluck at all times, then at least once it will
be the right time."

Well after oatmeal for breakfast, stocking up on water, and downing a half
gallon of gatorade to pre-hydrate, we headed out.

Oh incidentally yesterday on our way to the camp site I lost a 4lb bag
(mostly full) of trail mix, from costco. I was not too bummed as we have
enough food to last us a long while. But this morning luckily I found the
bag. It was only the bag left, I guess the animals were hungry. I did
put the bag in the trash though.

Ryan was with us all day and is camped right next to us right now. He is
an awsome riding companion. Keeps a good pace and is very patient waiting
on heather. He and I will race a head for about 30 minutes then stop and
wait for heatherto catchup. We all rest together then she leaves and we
wait a while and do it all over again. Like bike leap frog.

We did 61 miles today and made it through El Centro to Brawley. At the
county camp ground now. Free hot showers and nice comfortable grass. This
place rocks!!

You may remeber some advice I gave several days ago about not sitting on
your food bag esecially if it has tortillas in it. Well today we opened up
the last bag of tortillas. I figured at this point they are so mangled...
Why fight it. So I crushed them up even more, added precooked BBQ
chicken, and a can of beans. All right into the tortilla bag! With two
bannans (on the side) to top it off we had an amazing high energy lunch.

Well I am tired and heading to sleep now.


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Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA HA...Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

i love reading bike trip journals. you lucky dogs... Keep pedaling...