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Monday, April 9, 2007

Not quite to San Diego

Many tales to tell today but I will start this one out with one simple
word... "Ouch!"

A bicycle only makes contact in three places: the feet, the hands, and the
butt. Let's just say our feet hurt the least right now. We are both
pretty sore.

We did not make it to San Diego today but that's ok because our mileage is
pretty good. We are averaging 60 miles a day. I thought today would be a
40 mile day and I was ready to call it quits at San Onofre state beach.
Unfortunately they only allow camping starting may 15. What is that all
about? Does nature need a break during the rest of the year or what? The
nice guy at the entrace said we had three choices, turn arround and go back
5 miles to another campground (no way was that happening), keep going for
20 more miles to Carlsbad state beach, or find the ranger and beg him to
let us stay there.

I was all for begging but Heather stuck her chin up smiled a wicked little
smile and said "I can do 20 more miles" I was not sure I could do it but
if she was willing then so was I (I guess). To be honest, I am not sure
where she gets it from, she has no fat reserves but just keeps on keeping
on. She inspires me to keep going, and going, and... you get the idea.

So here we are in Carlsbad at a campground. It is nice enough and pretty
popular too. Dinner was rice with some soup mix. At this point it tastes
like gourmet :-)

Oh! Some of you may remember the post about our trial run to San Diego
Well turns out where
we stopped on that run and threw in the towel was a little premature. If
we had kept going 1.3 miles down hill we would have been at a lovely little
campground. Oh well, we still had fun on that trip. We revisited some of
out old stops as well, like the Subway we had dinner at. It was really a
happy time.

I am not sure if this is good or bad but I am starting to remember this
route to San diego without the map. I guess if you do anything enough
times you can't help but remember it.

Speaking of remembering...note to self, sitting on the sleeping bag stuff
sack for comfort: GOOD, sitting on the bag containing all of our food: BAD
BAD. The fallout was not too bad. We had two small jelly packs burst
(they were held in a seperate bag in the food sack so contamination was
minimal) and our tortillas are now precut into bite size stips. But that
was about it. Lucky for us.

As you may notice Heather and I are taking turns posting and tonight is
Dana's night. I wanted to thank Natalie my sister for rolling out of bed
at the crack of dawn on our departure date to take pictures and give us a
fond farewell.

To all of those I have not called I do apologize and I will call when one
of two things happen, I am at a location with a plug so I can charge my
stuff or you follow me with a portable generator so... You guessed it...I
can charge my stuff. We are trying to stretch our batteries and posting
every night is already a stretch for our little solar charger. We just
have enough juice to charge 4 AA batteries which in turn charge our gps

Tomorrow will be a short day just 30 miles or so, and for those of you who
are not aware, my ability to read maps is top notch, my ability to judge
distances on maps is seriously lacking. So 30 miles could very well turn
into 50... But I hope not. Andrew Hirning, my best friend and an all
around great guy will be picking us up at our campsite and driving us to
get some real San Diego food. Then in two days we will "head east young
man head easy" or maybe it was the other way, dyslexia is a pian.

Well, until tomorrow, I hope you enjoyed the post.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Awww. You are so welcome! I'm glad I could see you two off. And I'm missing you both already!!

Hope you enjoyed the comforts of a roof over your head at Andrew's. A brief respite before you head in to the rest of your journey... :p