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Sunday, April 15, 2007

comming out of the desert

Today I want to start with emphasizing what a great group of people we were
with last night and this morning.

Roy and his family really took care of us. They set up cones arround
Ryan's tent so the dune buggys would not hit him. Heather and I got an
empty trailer to spread out in. We got a fire pit at night and great
conversation. This morning they topped off our water gave us coffee. And
sent us off with a fond farewell. I am really starting to understand what
the books say about what great people you can meet on the road.

So if you are reading this Roy, Roy, Roy (yes there are three of them), and
family, thanks for the great time we really apreciate it. If you guys are
not doing anything later on and want to take a road trip feel free to
follow along behind us and provide food and shelter at night, we'll buy the
food and do the cooking :-)

Today we were geared up for a big push. 70 miles by my calculations, which
we all know are never accurate. Ryan thought closer to 60 miles. So we
packed up a gallon of extra water in addition to the two litter bottles I
picked up in ocotillo. Between heather and I, I think we had 3 gallons of
water for a 70 mile ride through the desert with no services in between.
Turns out that was over kill. The wind was at our backs for most of the
ride, and we made great time

Heather left camp about an hour before Ryan and I. The idea was she could
get a head start and we could ride a little harder. She packed up plenty
of snacking foods and we agreed on a signal. Every time she stoped she
would make an "H" on the road side using rocks. That way I would know she
was up ahead and doing fine.

Ryan and I each paid a dollar to use the bathrooms at the Glamis general
store. Expensive yes but as Ryan put it, "Well worth it". I shot out of
there at 9am and raced ahead hoping to catch Heather. Right after I came
accross her first marker (at 10 miles) a car stoped from the oposite
direction. Heather had asked them to tell me she was up ahead and doing
great. They said she was 10 miles up! wow I really had to pick up the
pace to catch up. It ended up taking Ryan and I almost 4 hours to get to
her and about 30 miles. She was flying!

Turns out that big push we were afraid of was super easy with a tail wind.
I spend most up my time cruising in my high gears between 25-30 mph!

Oh I think we forgot to tell you. Ryan yesterday convinced me to take on
some of heather's weight for her. I took about 15 lbs of sleeping bags
from her. So I think that helped her with her speed (and topped me off at
about 130lbs). Regardles of the weight she was a speed demon today. I
better not give her such a lead or I will not be able to catch her soon.

More to come...

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