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Friday, April 27, 2007

So close to the canyon I can smell it

Ok so last night was pretty cold. I have a vent on my bivy sac at the foot area for warm nights, also makes packing it easier. Last night I forgot to close it, it works really well for letting the heat out. While I was feeling chilled in my bag I was imagining what it would be like to have one of those fancy RVs not more than thirty feet from me.....

Woman: Honey I'm a little chilly...
Man: No problem let me just turn this dial within arms reach of the bed to a little more warm.

Man: oh boy it is the middle of the night and I need to pee, oh well, guess I will get up and walk the 5 feet of heated warm RV interior with small nightlights, to the toilet. After I am done I am sure happy the soft comfortable bed will still be warm. Oh right no need to get dressed cause I am inside.

Woman: Honey, the sun is out and I'm a little warm. Man: No problem sweetie, let me just turn on the AC to cool us off while we cook dinner on our stove.

Man: Sweetie, the soup is a little cold. Woman: Oh really? Well let me have it, I will pop it in the microwave for a minute.

Man: Hmm, what should I wear today, I have so many clothes to choose from and they are all so clean and fresh smelling....

Ahhh that could be the life!!!

Yesterday after we got to the Flintstone (Actually I think it was called Bedrock but it was Flintstone themed) campground we had a pigout session.
We started with a huge bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos (never did finish them), a large bag of cookies, and finally a couple of nutella and jelly sandwiches. We ate in the lobby/hangout room and just read and relaxed. It was really good.

As I said, we did not finish the Nacho Cheese Doritos. Heather had the idea of making some walking tacos for today. Basically we would fry up some hamburger and add it to the remaining Doritos. I was skeptical since we are not walking and do not have any beef, but I was willing to try. The decision was made for us. As I woke up this morning I was greeted by a crow 5 feet from me and staring me in the eye. Then I noticed what he was guarding. It was the remainder of the Doritos. I guess they found the bag and tore it up during the night. Bummer for us, I disposed of the bag and the rest of the chips.

Heather left early again this morning. After I cleaned the pots in the sink I returned to our campsite to find a crow (I think it was the same one) eating our bread. Boy, am I a bit slow on the uptake or what? I threw away half the loaf and kept that which had not been touched. Hopefully I have learned this lesson but only time will tell.

I talked with the dude from Germany again. His name is Detlev. He has walked all over the world including Japan and Australia. He said he is walking here in America to help dispel some of the bad press we are getting in Europe. He is walking to meet the "real" Americans. I sure hope I made a good impression cause we already have a bad enough rap overseas without me making it worse. Anyway this dude is super cool!! He is an inspiriation to keep going and do more. I saw him again this afternoon, he had walked all the way to Tusayan. Unfortunatley they are going to sleep in the grand canyon park not at the campground we are at (it was too expensive, and I agree with him). He will be in Desert View in two days I think we may pass him up but wow what a great guy. Thanks for improving
our reputation you rock man.

His website is www.detlev-henschel.de or www.walkabout-japan.com

The real reason we have to stay at this campsite is we got a package delivered here from my brother Alex. He sent me his BoB trailer so I can haul all of my stuff and Heather's stuff too. Good news after packing everything we did not need (bags and racks) into the box BoB came in it weighed more going out than coming in!!. That means less weight overall. But I still think my weight will go up a bit. I am really looking forward to that 1,000 foot climb tomorrow to test it out. Wait... did I really just say I was looking forward to that, oh someone knock some sense into me please.

Here in town we met up with another cyclist from LA, CA he is not using maps per se. He said "I am just making my own way" wow you go dude name "Kim"! He wil be camping close to us tonight. He seemed pretty cool to me but hey this is from a guy looking forward to biking up 1,000 feet. Can I really be trusted?

We watched the Grand Canyon IMAX film here it was worth it. Heather got in free cause there is no captioning. (anyone wanna write a letter of complaint on that, we can't we are busy for the next two months or so). After that we headed down to #$:!$ hotel to do some stealth laundry. I asked a local and he told me the best spot to go to to not get busted.

Soon it will be pasta and chicken for dinner. I have one more post to write tonight then it will be goodbye for now.


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Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. I thought of you guys as I biked to the library. That is only 2 and a half miles and it is all FLAT. Hope you enjoy the canyon.